Excursions - Swimming with dolphins

Swimming with dolphins is a popular form of entertainment and recreation. Communicating and swimming together with these marine animals allows you to be charged with positivity, relieve stress, eliminate fatigue, improve your health.

Dolphins are unique creatures, very kind and intelligent. There is a progressive method of medical and psychological rehabilitation – dolphin therapy. This method of psychotherapy involves human interaction with this marine animal in the form of a game. Its use leads to an improvement in the well-being and condition of a person, even helps to improve the condition of some diseases.



if you have never had to swim with dolphins before, be sure to try to do so by purchasing a tour. “Swimming with dolphins” These amazing marine mammals have a high level of intelligence. They communicate with each other using ultrasound and sound pulses that are clearly audible underwater, even over long distances. These animals are quick learners and understand humans very well.

Some people who have never touched dolphins, mistakenly believe that their skin texture is similar to a rubber ball. It isn’t. The dolphin’s body has a very pleasant to the touch, smooth surface, much more delicate than human skin. That is why it is very pleasant to touch dolphins, cuddle with them.

You choose the time of swimming yourself. Our guide will pick you up from the hotel at the chosen time and take you to the dolphinarium. After swimming the guide will take you back to the hotel.


Price includes:

  • transfer
  • English-speaking guide services
  • swimming with dolphins





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