Excursions - Horseback Riding

Despite the fact that most people associate the dessert with camels, the ancient horse culture is very much alive in Egypt. Horses have been used for centuries to transport people and goods in Arabia and today it is one of the most attractive activities in Charm el Sheikh. It gives riders an opportunity to enjoy the tranquillity and the beauty of the moment.

Horse riding is not only a great adventure, but it is also the way to maintain your physical health, improve flexibility and your range of motion.


  • Horses will give you positive energy and calm your entire body


  • You will ride a calm, finest bred, beautiful horse and admire the desert around you with its amazing landscapes or sunset view on the beach.

Horseback riding safety:

  • Your safety is our main priority.  All provided equipment, including riding helmets, is high-quality. Our experienced instructors will assist you throughout your ride.
  • Animal welfare is also one ofourtop concerns. All our horses receive good 3 meals a day, medical care and attention. We are proud to say that our horses are happy!

Price includes:

  • transfer
  • English-speaking instructor’s services
  • insurance
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