Excursions - Crocodile Show

The crocodile and snake show in Sharm el Sheikh is an exotic and original entertainment performance for the whole family to enjoy!

You will see: unusual tricks performed by the animal trainers of those giant animals, a fascinating show of dancing cobras and wild crocodiles.

If you are brave enough you will have an opportunity to take pictures with snakes and feed crocodiles. Do not miss an opportunity to face your fear!

PART 1: Guided tour in the terrarium for about 20 minutes. There you will see 25 species of snakes, a giant anaconda, turtles, chameleons and many other reptiles.

PART 2: A show with snakes. An amazing performance with cobras from India.

Duration: approximately 30 minutes

PART 3: Crocodile show.

A breathtaking final show of 10 wild crocodiles on stage in the middle of the pool with 2 trainers performing dangerous tricks.

Duration: approximately 30 minutes

After the show the shuttle will take you back to your hotel.

Price includes:

  • transfer
  • English-speaking guide services
  • entrance ticket



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