Excursions - Albatros Aquapark

There are 9 different pools and more than 30 types of slides on the territory of the water park.

There are even 2 slides, which are included in the category of “high risk”, down which not everyone will dare to go down. There are a lot of interesting slides in the Water Park, which are not found, for example, in England, there is a slide with an artificial current, on which you can ride on a special inflatable circle, you will get something like traveling along the mountain river.

Service in the water park as in the hotel at a high level. The service in the water park is excellent, the staff is well trained, and the water park is constantly monitored technically. Water slides are made very qualitatively, you will not feel any joints on any of them


Here you will not meet a huge number of queues and lack of inflatable circles, even on the most popular slides usually the queue is not longer than 2-5 people. Albatross Aquapark is as safe as in any European water park, all standards are taken into account in the construction of the water park and constantly monitors the condition of the water park. And to make sure that there are no accidents in the water park, there are many qualified instructors, who are located at the most dangerous zones. And near the children’s zone they are even more.
On the territory of the water park there are many different cafes and bars, each of which is thematically decorated and has its own menu.

Children in Albatross Aquapark are never forgotten, so for them built a lot of mini water slides, several shallow pools and a couple of playgrounds for them. There are a lot of ladders, obstacles, water cannons, geysers and much more.


The price includes:

  • entrance tickets
  • transfer
  • All-inclusive food and beverages
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